Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs Dominar 250 Detailed Difference

Bajaj Dominar 400 vs Dominar 250

The Bajaj Dominar series is the most powerful sports motorcycle ever launched by the Bajaj in India and world wide. The Dominar is available in two Different power options. Bajaj Dominar 400 is the most powerful sports motorcycle of Bajaj and the Dominar 250 is the second top powerful motorcycle. The Dominar 400 was first launched in December 2016. The Both motorcycles look similar to each other and there are minor changes in looks, Power, Specification and Weight.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 and 250 comes with same dimensions which are Length 2156 mm, Width 836 mm, Height 1112 mm, Wheel 1453 mm, Ground Clearance 157 mm and Fuel tank Capacity is 13 Litres. The weight of both motorcycles is almost similar, Dominar 400 has a total Kerb weight of 184 kg and Dominar 250 has a Kerb weight of 180 kg. The Dominar 250 and 400 both use same Chassis which is Beam Type Perimeter Frame.

Bajaj Dominar 400 is powered by 373 cc Liquid Cooled Fuel injected Triple Spark Plug single Cylinder Petrol Engine Produces 39.4 Bhp and 35 Nm of Torque. The engine is mated to 6 speed gearbox with Slipper Clutch and give maximum mileage of 34 Kmpl on Highway.

The Dominar 250 is powered by 248 cc Liquid Cooled Fuel injected Dual Spark Plug Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Produces 26.6 Bhp and 23.5 of Torque. The engine is mated to 6 speed manual gearbox with Multi-plate Clutch and give Mileage of 34 Kmpl.

Bajaj Dominar suspension

The front suspension of Dominar 400 comes with 320 mm Disc Brake with ABS, Tubeless Tyre size of 110/70 mm R17 fitted on 17 inch Alloy wheel which come with Diamond cut and Black Paint finish and USD Upside Down 43 mm Telescopic Suspension. On the other hand at front Dominar 250 comes with 300 mm of Disc Brakes with ABS, Tubeless Tyre Size of 100/80 mm R17 fitted on Black Paint Finish Alloy Wheel and USD Upside Down 37 mm Telescopic Suspension. At the rear end both motorcycles come fitted with 230 mm Disc Brake with ABS, Black Paint finish 17 inch Alloy wheel and Multi-step Adjustable Mono Shock suspension. The Dominar 400 Rear Tyre Size is 150/60 mm R17 fitted on 17 inch Diamond Cut Alloy wheel with Black Paint Finish and Dominar 250 Rear Tyre Size is 130/70 mm R17 fitted on Black Paint finish 17 inch Alloy wheel.

The Riding Comfort and Handling of both the motorcycles is same, the biggest difference you’ll going to feel is the difference between performance. For Safety features Dominar 400 and 250 come with Dual Channel ABS, Kill Switch and Side Stand Warning.

Bajaj Dominar MID Display

The 400 Dominar comes with split information Displays. The Primary Display (Big Display) show information Like Speed, RPM, Fuel Level, Average Fuel economy, Side Stand Warning and more. The Secondary display come with two buttons placed on the either side of display and show information like Running Gear, ODO meter, Trip 1 and 2, and Time. On the other side Dominar 250 come with single Full Digital Display and show important information like Speed, Fuel Level, Rpm, Trip 1, ODO Meter and Time. The Secondary Display on the tank show information like Side Stand Warning, Cooled Temperature High Warning, ABS, Battery and Bajaj Logo.

Both motorcycles comes with LED headlights with Auto On Function which work as DRL, LED Turn light indicator, LED Tail Lights, Leg guard and Grab Handle. The Dominar 400 come in two colors options which are Green and Vine Black. The Dominar 250 also come in Two colors options which are Red and Black.

Bajaj Dominar Headlights

The Minor Changes that are going to notice between the motorcycles are in Alloy Wheel Finish, Tyre Size, Information Display, Front Suspension Thickness and Performance difference. The best value for money is Dominar 400 because it come with More Power, Bigger Tyre Size, Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel, Dual Split Digital Information Display, Show Running Gear and Slipper Clutch.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 Delhi Ex-Showroom price is 1.94 Lakhs and Dominar 250 Delhi Ex-showroom price is 1.60 Lakhs.