Upcoming 2020 Tata Prima 5520.S

The commercial vehicle plays an important role all around the world which helps to transport large amount of goods from one place to another place. In India, Tata is famous for manufacturing commercial vehicles Like Trucks and Buses. Tata Prima 5530.S is tractor trailer Truck which is design to transport heavy goods and comes with best features and specifications.

Design Tata Prima 5520.S is based on the attractive design which comes with some new generation features. Tata used high strength plastic all around the body to reduce weight of vehicle. The front headlights comes with projector, convention light, DRL’s and trunlight indicators. Fog lights are placed near to the headlights to improve visibility while driving in dark and fog. The Headlights and Fog-lights both are placed on the bumper.

The huge front grill allows ample amount of Air to cool engine and maintain engine temperature within limits. To increase premium feel, long chrome insert is installed above the front grill. The one piece front windshield provide clear view and a mirror is installed above the windshield to improve safety of vehicle and pedestrian in heavy traffic. From the side view, you will notice the side steps which makes it easy to get in / out of the vehicle. The side indicators are placed above front wheel.

Rear view mirrors comes with different viewing angles and to increase the safety of the vehicle, a special mirror is installed on the top side of the side Doors. From the rear end, you can see the high Air inlet vent behind the cabin. The Prima 5520.S comes with 6×4 axle configuration and comes with heavy duty Parabolic Leaf spring arrangement.

Engine Tata Prima is powered by a 6.7 Litres 6 cylinder Turbocharged CRDI Diesel engine which produce 296 Bhp and 1100 Nm of Torque. The engine is mated to 9 Speed manual Gearbox and comes with 430 mm of single dry clutch. The Fuel tank capacity is 400 Litres.

Tata Prima 5520.S Specification and Features

Overall Wheelbase 3890 mm
Gross Weight with load 3890 mm
Front/Rear Tyre Size 295 / 80 mm R 22.5 inch
Steering Hydraulic Power Steering Wheel
Air Conditioning Available
ABS Available
Battery 24 V x 100 Ah
Air Tanks 3 Tanks
Urea Tank 20 Litres